Thursday, February 13, 2020

New permission requirement for 14.6 and above

There are two new permissions required for the app to detect the WiFi states if you have a newer version of Android (P and Above),
  1. Full Location Permission The app need query to get an understanding of the WiFi profile based on different SSID. SSID is treated as personal identifiable information in some cases, so this is required in Android P and above. check the link here
    (this is optional for Android O and below)
  2. Storage Permission The app keep a debug logs which might be big in some rare case for troubleshooting purpose on the local sdcard. in some cases you might need help from the developers to do a troubleshooting for you, and the information will be send to developer once it got your approval.

    the APP will never collect your location and know where you are, this is just a requirement by the System.

    For apps installed on your device, here is a how-to guide for permission setup

    1. On your Android device, open the Settings app Settings app.
    2. Tap Apps & notifications.
    3. Tap the app you want to update.(HelloGuestWiFi)
    4. Tap Permissions.
    5. Choose which permissions you want the app to have, like Location and Storage
    6. give it Allow all the time (required for background login) 

Friday, April 8, 2016

WiFi Web Login User Guide

WiFi Web Login (HelloGuestWiFi) User Guide

What is this App for?

It's an app that will help you login to WiFi hotspots, which are found very often in public transportation, or buildings. Universities, healthcare centers, hotels, etc. These examples are called captive portals. Recent phone models, such as the Android 5.x , 6 , and 7 are well supported. Android 9,10 is supported by version 14.7 in google now Check this link to see the supported WiFi Lists. 

A captive portal is a network that requires an HTTP client to see a special web page (usually for authentication purposes) before using the Internet. A captive portal turns a Web browser into an authentication device. These are commonly used on WiFi networks where authentication to the private network is done via a login browser page, rather than the use of a WEP or WPA2 key,  which includes some coffee shops and airports, and hotspot providers such as The Cloud and ATT-WiFi. 

This app can be purchased from the new address  "Google Play Store" (link updated), or search "helloGuestWifi"
 Also available on Amazon

Typically, when you connect to WiFi, you will be redirected to the login page, which possibly may have an username/password, or just a checkbox to agree to the terms. Once you actually get the username/password, you might find it irritating that you have to enter it very often. At some locations, you might have to enter it several times a day.  The goal of WiFi Web Login is to help you login to any hotspot automatically.

 A list of several sites reported by satisfied customers that work well with this app:
 Buffalo State University, Greenville Health System, Google Starbucks, HomeDepot Wifi, BT Wi-fi with Fon, XFINITY WiFi, TP-LINK_TRAVEL, Nosotros, Denny's-Guest-WiFi
HSE.RU,  Stanford Visitor WiFi, KSU, and

UK sites: LSE, 

National University of Ireland WiFi, Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina UFSC

How to use it ? Here's a quick manual.

When you connect to a new WiFi that needs web-login, open the app, and tap the preference menu, where you can find many options. Usually, most users only need to set up the username/password information.

Click the Preference Menu to see all settings.

 There are four fields as highlighted in the basic setting section. If the login form has only one text box that requires you to enter your email or account information, setup your username or login email.

Then, enter the second field in the password setting, as so on for the 3rd/4th one. then that's it. for most users, the setting is done. If you have changed the password, then repeat this process again.

Set credentials for this Given WiFi

So for 95% of cases, that's all you have to do, the app will do the login using the credentials set above in the background, and will notify you during the login process and when done. 

Check Faq#2 for the manual recording mode if the login screen is more ad-hoc. And if it needs more different choices, such as different dropdown options to choose from, or different buttons to click.  It's also very well supported.

Load the username/password from dropbox.

If you happen find it's hard to key in some complicated passwords on the phone, then try it on PC and save it to a Dropbox file ending with ".txt"

For example, my hot-spot shows me the username and password page. Then, for example, create a file like mywifi.txt, the content below.

myusername mypassword

or just 

Then, tap the load up from dropbox option, dropbox will be launched if you have it on your phone.

open Dropbox folder

Tap the .txt , Android will show you an available editor, chose the export to WIFI, then the setting will be loaded to the application. That's it. I hope this app really helps you! :D

export to the App

  • Faq1. Q: Does the app use the default browser to do background login?
    •  A: Yes, you have to enable the default browser so that the app can do the background login. the default browser needs to be operative.  Thanks @Ben Peltz
  • Faq2. Q: Can I record the login manually instead of using the app way to do login?
    • A: Yes, tap the menu, there is one toggle switch called "Use Default Mode to Replay or Record Login Manually",   available in version 11.0 and above.
    • If you choose "Record Login Manually", manually start your login procedure from within the app. Once done, this is recorded as script; as soon as you switch on your WiFi later, that portal's SSID is recognized, WiFi Web Login will automatically replay the recorded script. you can also edit the recorded script by tapping the "Edit Recorded Script" Menu.
    • For some complicated Login, you might have several options to do the captive portal login, for example free 30 minutes trial or 24 hours subscription. Then click the "Record Login Manually", select the choice in the app directly and enter credentials if required. The app will remember your selection and credentials and reply it if needed. 
    • Also, you can click "Edit Recorded Script" to change the recorded login script. 
  • Faq 3 Doze issue, 6.0.1
    • new feature in Marshmallow called doze / app standby might put the app in doze mode , in this case, the background login wont work. Please whitelist the app by disable the battery optimization for this app. here is the steps
    • Users can manually configure the whitelist in Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization.

  • Faq4 Background long wont work
    • make sure the app is white-listed if you are on Marshmallow following Faq3
    • and make sure Adguard for Android is disabled. since it might block the app from accessing the captive portal and the login process. something for those Adblock software like NetGuard ,AFWall+
    • other VPN intercepting apps to do data saving like Opera Max, Datally
    •  make sure app is whitelisted if you have battery keeping application or auto-start app

  • Faq5 Black screen when I open the app
    • typically this means there is an certificate error with the WiFi,  the certificate of the portal could be self-signed or expired. 
    • to address this, tap setting of the app, Check the option "ignore SSL certificate error" setting, and the app will ignore the certificate error and continue the login. 
  • Faq6 Wifi automatic reconnection disabled for captive portals
    • Q: For some reason, your WIFI is no longer auto-connecting to networks. you have to go into WIFI settings and manually connect to a network. then , the app will do the background login.
    • this is one bug for some early Samsung Devices. do fix this,
      • make sure your phone is rooted
      • disable the captive check following this direction.

Friday, April 1, 2016

supported WiFI List

Here is the top 1500 WiFis supported by the app. press Ctrl+F to search to see whether yours are in the list.
"Karma WiFi", thanks @john for the info
"Virgin Media WiFi"
"Google Starbucks"
"SLL WiFi"
"GMIA Web"
"Lisburn Free WiFi"
"McDonalds Free WiFi"
"Costa Norte"
"Janes_Connection 2"
" public wifi"
"Joy Global guest"
"KLM WiFi"
"Tesco WiFi"
"Hospital Guest Wireless"
"Arripia Gimenes"
"Starbucks WiFi"
"Teva Guests"
"FRITZ!Box 7490"
"Acturis Guest"
"Pretty Fly For a Wifi"
"Saunaclub Melanie"
"LinkNYC Free Wi-Fi"
"NATE 5 GHz"
"Premier Inn Free Wi-Fi"
"SLFS Employee Hotspot"
"_Kingsland Free WiFi"
"palagya hotel1"
"Target Guest Wi-Fi"
"Control Room"
"Einstein 5"
"Tracy Home Wireless"
"OUP Staff"
"Leo Wifi"
"OSUMC Guest Internet"
"Le Meridien Guest"
"K for Life"
"Back Wireless"
"Ja rama nani"
"The Red Planet"
"Miller Network"
"Rupesh wifi"
"Infected network"
"VMware, Inc. (Staff)"
"Willowtree "
"Southern Downs Wireless"
"OJD Guest Wi-fi"
"Winford Arms Free WiFi"
"GSK Public Wireless"
"Hospital Hotspot"
"Tater Farm"
"Cinemark Guest Wireless"
"All the things5"
"Cedar Point Employee"
"VA Guest WiFi"
"InterBoom Boven 5.0"
"WiFi My-Hospital free"
"Jackson Up"
"Sunny Brae 2.4"
"The Bat Cave!"
"Wi-Fi.HK via HKU"
"Telstra Air"
"Sashas O 5 G"
"Pretty Fly for a WIFI"
"Public MCG"
"syed saquib"
"Nicks WiFi"
"azM gasten wifi"
"Portucel Setubal"
"ISD656 Public Access"
"HT Public Wi-Fi"
"Kau Ane Esh"
"SciSys Web Portal"
"ARDC Guest"
"Lafayette Public Wi-Fi"
"Hi-Speed Internet Service"
"SFRJ Eventos"
"abo-zkria (4)773070048"
"_VINCI Airports wifi"
"Ugm Hotspot Msc SL2"
"O2 Wifi"
"Jalhay 5Ghz"
"Kumar Home 2"
"GreatDane WiFi"
"RJ Guest Wireless"
"The Suite Life 5G"
"Zero Cool"
"Bill Wi The Science Fi (5.0)"
"Thy Sky "
"Dahlia OnHub"
"identity theft"
"Comcast Sucks-5"
"APD Surveillance Van2"
"EMC Guest Cafe"
"St Charles Guest"
"WIFI Saran"
"UPC244883097 (5 GHz) "
"Saint Thomas Guest"
"exFictZ's WLAN"
"Mind Guests"
"Hotel North Woods"
"ICA - Gratis Wifi"
"Martinez 2.4"
"NetComm Wireless"
"SMK N 1 Mondonkan 1"
"Happy Camper"
"CHS InTouch WiFi"
"Skynet Mainframe"
"Yokogawa guest"
"La Quinta 5ghz"
"Death Star"
"PSU Dorm11"
"_The Cloud"
"Home box 1"
"Mirkwood nbm"
"@ 3BB_WiFi"
"APTG Wi-Fi"
"FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390"
"RTB Extension"
"Vidanta RMaya"
"Bill Wi the Science Fi"
"CoBalt Network 4.0"
"Dell Wireless"
"Golds Gym Express"
"Kohls Guest WiFi"
"UnityPoint Guest WiFi"
"AS 1"
"Router 5"
"SP Hotspot"
"Texas Oncology Visitor"
"VTT Visitor"
"TTA Guest"
"C&L Wi-Fi Network"
"CBRfree WiFi"
"Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her"
"HEB Customer WiFi"
"Router Repeat"
"Apna Wifi"
"_ScotRail Free WiFi"
"CAMC Wireless Computer Network"
"COS_Guest "
"Honey Badger"
"IU Secure"
"NSA Surveillance Squad"
"20 Forshay"
"Bridge Hotel & Inn Guest Wifi"
"Floo Network"
"5 Bassets"
"CAS Guest Wireless Services"
"Steak n Shake - Guest WiFi"
"Candy and Scott"
"Halogen Lighting Net"
"APD Surveillance Van"
"Bob en Elien"
"Kobe San"
"Open Mesh Bridge"
"Publiek Internet"
"Rede Gazeta - Convidado"
"Surgical Public"
"Kobayashi San"
"RealUNCram "
"La Quinta"
"WiFi, makes life easier!"
"Auttaporn 7.1"
"BTC Hotspot"
"Universities via CSL"
"Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi"
"_Free Westfield WiFi"
"Guest Wireless"
"Hy-Vee Public WiFi"
"ollehWiFi "
"Lk2race G"
"Chick-fil-A Wi-Fi"
"Fibertel WiFi059 5.8GHz"
"Linksys E3000"
"GRCC Wireless"
"Idiots 5G"
"Kroger WiFi"
"Lu 125"
"Opey De Place"
"Pokemon Gym"
"Red Roof"
"Bill Wi The Science Fi (2.4)"
"Heidel Guest"
"Holiday Inn RC"
"Iberostar Gaviotas"
"InterContinental Dallas Meetings"
"Park Plaza"
"The Island"
"Zachary's Wi-Fi Network"